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Professional Poker Player is the top website for aspiring professional poker players. The site details how to become a pro poker player and have a long successful poker career. Read the profiles of well-known poker pros, tournament reports and poker articles, to get your game to the standard of a professional poker player.

The Start begins the story of a professional poker career. Each additional page delves deeper in to the bright lights of the online poker world, finishing with the Poker Journal, which tells of real world adventures in major poker tournaments around the globe. The Poker Pros section profiles top professional poker players and don't forget to check out the online poker bonuses to help you build your bankroll.

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Professional poker career start

It was the start of 2003, when I first clicked 'sit in'. I had inadvertently flipped the TV channel to Late Night Poker one evening and became very interested in these gargoyle statues wearing sunglasses. After searching the internet I found PokerRoom, it was at the top of the list. I was impressed by the sleek web page and after 2 minutes I had signed up. Having sat down at a play money poker table, it was Hold'em, at the time I didn't know what that was, the play was fast and the avatars were funky, I really enjoyed it even though I had no clue what was going on. After losing my $1000 play money chips a few times and refilling, I decided to learn the rules of Texas Hold'em. So a pair of Aces beats a pair of Kings and so forth, no need to refill I was on the way up! (Continued: Becoming a professional poker player)

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