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EPT Dublin

Day 2:

The Merrion casino website says cash games and satellites every day starting at 12.00 pm. I turn up fashionably late at 1.30 pm and there is nobody there except a few dealers. But this was the day before the main tournament. "Booked up already, but we have an Omaha satellite later." So there we go, the focal point of the trip was thrown out the window. The dealer also said there was a Hold'em cash game starting in half an hour, so I wait, pretending to watch horse racing. 2 hours later a cluster of players enter, I recognised one of from Late Night Poker, couldn't remember his name at the time but it was Howard Plant. They all sat down and read newspaper's, I was getting annoyed.

After another half an hour we finally started to play some poker, it was supposed to be 100 Hold'em game with 2-5 blinds. I see all the guys are sitting with about 500 euros in front of them. So I went to the cashier, the guy charged me 12.5% commission, the next day I found out it was 25 euro cents. Anyway sat at the table which has now changed to a round of Omaha then a round of Hold' em. There is a fat French guy who looked like a toad raising every hand. He took a little Irish guy for a couple of hundred. The action was slow and not much was happening. Then Gary Bush and a few comrades enter the room. I don't know any of these people, but Garry Bush was acting like Golem from Lord of the Rings, rumbling up and down the room, it was quite unnerving. Eventually most of them joined the game, Garry Bush was the big blind on my button, a bald guy who I thought I had seen before but didn't now his name was next to him, by this time the French guy had left and was replaced by a little guy from London.

The round of Omaha started, it was only the third time I had played this game. My vast past experiences occurred at $0.50-1 at PokerRoom and $2-4 at PokerStars both PL. So I was trying not to play many hands, waiting for the hold em to come back around. Meanwhile Garry Bush thought he was playing online, as he was playing an Omaha satellite simultaneously. Anyway I pick up AA24 with A suited something. It is raised by the bald guy re-raised by the small Irish guy and I bet the pot. The bald guy looks disgusted and folds and the Irish guy calls all in. Flop was 6KK I don't remember the rest but it was irrelevant, I turn over my aces. The leprechaun lifts his eye brows and shows two cards, 89 and then flips over two sixes. What happened next was quite embarrassing . I get up to leave thinking he has raked the whole pot, but I had forgot about the side pot, which the dealer hollers at me as I am turning around to leave.

Sitting back down, I just focused my eyes on the middle of the table, hoping everyone would forget what I just did. The Irish guy just got up and left with a little smirk on his face. So now I have 122 or 132 euros left. Next hand I pick up 8856 double suited, Howard Plant's stinky (really off-putting) friend with a moustache on my right raised, I called, everybody else called. Now it's down to Raul the Spanish guy (not the footballer) he bets the pot, stinky guy calls, I call with a dejected look on my face and throw my chips in, the bald and London geezer call. Flop is Q47 with two clubs, I think I had diamonds and spades, definitely no clubs. It was pretty evident I was up against Aces and Kings, but it was checked around. Turn is a, wait for it...a beautiful fat snowman. My well polished poker face didn't flinch. I had the nut straight and was praying the board wouldn't pair or be a club.  Raul finally got round to betting, he bet the pot and everyone folded. I can't recall the exact river card (I think it was a 4) but it paired the board. So now I was hoping he didn't have queens. He flipped over kings, yes! I go in to Hollywood slow motion mode and pick up all 4 cards, I snap over 56 and then the 88. A flail of the arm and a Spanish tut later and I'm stacking my chips. I throw 7 euros to the dealer.

"Ze dealer putz 3 euro in ov his own moneeeey and you give vim 7 euros."

Says the guy in the leather jacket, who later I realised was Michael Keiner. In my self-pitiful state I had failed to notice the dealer adding 3 euros to my stack before placing in the centre, single chips didn't count except for blinds and tipping of course. So, the dealer made me an additional 12 euros, another 5 to him them. What? I'm a business man.

After about an hour of not making any money. I pick AA23 or AA with rubbish anyway and am first to act. I limp hoping for a raise, no raise and we a 6 or 7 handed, flop was AQ8 two clubs once more. I bet the pot, raised to 125 euros or there about, called by Stinky on my right. Now I knew enough about Omaha to get rid of the drawing hands, so I proclaim "All in" for 600+ euros, bald guy folds, "hmm I call." says Stinky. I'm sitting thinking what are you doing you were supposed to fold. The turn came a dreaded club 7 and the board didn't pair. Guy turns over four clubs, with the nut flush and I sit there laughing.

After 30 seconds or so I get up and leave still laughing to myself, this time the opponent had me covered so I thought I'll find I good pub and return later. Well I found a nice pub and all I'll say is I didn't play poker that night. (Continued: EPT Dublin Day 3)

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