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This poker journal starts with the first major poker tournament of a professional poker player's career, it details his travels to poker tournaments throughout the World. The tournament reports enable poker enthusiasts to feel the elation and endure the agony that top level poker players experience in their careers.

Below are reports from most of the major poker tournaments, check out the News / Blog section if your more interested in regular updates containing smaller buy-in tournament & cash game reports.

  2007 Poker Tournaments 

Paris Open of Poker

  2006 Poker Tournaments 

Winter Festival

World Series of Poker

Blackpool Bonanza

Midlands Medley

Los Angeles Poker Classic

Euro Finals of Poker

  2005 Poker Tournaments 

Paris Open of Poker

World Poker Tour Paris

European Poker Tour Barcelona

Midlands Masters Poker Tournament

  2004 Poker Tournaments 

European Poker Tour Dublin

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